The Department of Homeland Security has selected Cyber 20/20 to develop a platform for financial services organizations to secure networks from malicious threats.

DHS said Monday its science and technology directorate awarded $200,000 for the Newark, Del.-based technology startup to demonstrate a proof-of-concept prototype of the company’s proposed Trained Using Runtime Analysis from Cuckoo Outputs system.

TURACO is designed to integrate machine learning with existing tools to produce an open-source sandbox for users to detect and analyze cyber attacks.

The tool includes an “anti-anti-sandbox” feature that works to defend the operating system against malware intended to evade sandbox protections.

DHS S&T issued the award through the directorate’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program after completing the SVIP Financial Services Cyber Security Active Defense solicitation process.

SVIP participants are eligible for up to $800,000 in non-dilutive funds across four phases to adapt commercial technologies for homeland security applications.




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