Facebook Messenger can now be linked to Instagram accounts. However, users who connect the two should brace for some unpleasant side effects – for one, all of a user’s Instagram contacts will end up in his or her Facebook Messenger contact list as well.

Furthermore, Messenger contacts will be able to learn about a user’s Instagram activities, writes the online German consumer advice portal Checked4you.de.

However, users can prevent both of these Facebook services from synchronising by going into their settings and deactivating the feature.

To turn off synchronisation, users must first click on their profile picture in the Messenger app and then go to “People”.

In the following window, users select “Instagram Account” and then click on “Cancel connection” to revert to the original setting.

If new postings from Instagram continue to appear in Messenger, users should then go to their Facebook account settings, where they can manage their Messenger contact list. — dpa




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