Facebook wants a “Portal” into your home.

The company announced the video-calling device that’s marketed for cross-generational family time. Portal comes with Alexa — Amazon’s voice-assistant technology — and a smart camera that follows people as they move through a room. The release comes as Facebook continues to deal with data privacy concerns and how information is stored and shared.

Meanwhile, “Fortnite” is doing big business. Sensor data reports that in just seven months, the multiplayer video game has brought in more than $300 million on Apple devices. That’s in addition to $60 million on Android. The only game to achieve that benchmark faster was “Pokemon Go” in 2016.

And could a new device turn your smartphone into a Game Boy? Nintendo has submitted a patent for a plate that attaches to your phone, appearing to turn it into a Game Boy. It’s unclear if the rendering will ever become a reality, but it’s a sign that Nintendo is looking to increase its footprint in the mobile game market.




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