BTRC Chairman Shahjahan Mahmood called the social media use a ‘digital opiate’.

“It is undeniable that mobile phones have brought the internet to everyone,” he said.

“The sad thing is that the younger generation is growing less creative because they browse the internet on their phones.”

“Most of the young population uses Facebook to chat. This is not a creative use.”

The excessive use of social media has become a problem in developed countries, he said. The improper use of social media has been linked to depression and other health problems among the younger generation, he said.

Mahmood compared Facebook use to an addiction.

“It is like a digital cocaine addiction. Once they get into Facebook they can’t get out.”

He said a ‘social revolution’ is needed to return from this situation, and his agency would be taking some steps.

He said the BTRC would soon recommend making changes for
creative use of the internet.

“We can arrange ratings for creative use. Users may try
to gather knowledge instead of using Facebook once the proposal is
implemented,” he said.

Mahmood also said the BTRC is taking several initiatives
to make internet safe.

“Efforts are on to expand internet, the optical fibre is
being installed miles after miles, but we pay little heed to keep internet
secure. The BTRC has proposed to set a lab to beef up internet security.”

“Once the government approves our proposal, we’ll test
service first in the lab before giving it to the people so that people can
choose what is best or what is bad.” 

The BTRC boss has put emphasis on telecom industry’s
development in a discussion meeting on Telecommunication Sector’s Role in
making the country to developing from the LDC. 

Post, Telecommunication and IT Minister Mustafa Jabbar
and Posts and Telecommunications Secretary Shyam Sunder Sikder, among others,
were present at the event.




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