Making coffee is a science, so brew it in something that looks like it’s on loan from a chem lab. Siphons—also called vacuum pots—traditionally use butane heat sources. Bodum’s Mocca instead uses the red-hot glow of a 430-watt halogen Beam Heater to bring the water to just below boiling. Pressure from the heat forces the liquid up into the hopper, where it mingles with the grounds. Switch the heater off after four minutes, and the brewed coffee passes through a filter and back into the globe. The result is a well-rounded brew with the toastiness of French press, minus the grit. Like your cuppa cooler? Use the control knob to fine-tune the temperature you desire. After brewing, the heater can also be used to keep the coffee warm above its seductive glow. It’s part science, part magic, and full-fledged after-dinner theater.


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