While the ZVE Apple Watch stand calls itself a 2-in-1 product, you can actually use it with three different Apple products, albeit not at the same time.

Made from aluminum, the ZVE Apple Watch stand looks great and is pretty durable. It even has a few safeguards to prevent damage to your iPhone in the way of two silicone strips that prevent the back of your phone from making contact with the stand itself. Plus, it even has a lip that allows you to have your rest your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation.

Remember when I said you can use this with three Apple products? It’s true! The ZVE stand can also hold an iPad, meaning if you put this in your kitchen you can follow a recipe with ease or you can even use it as a media viewing stand. Just know that when you do this, you won’t have enough room to place your Apple Watch on the stand as well.

You’ll have to provide your own cables from the Apple Watch and iPhone, but you can pick up the ZVE Apple Watch stand for roughly $20.




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