When it comes to keeping an eye on your home, the Netgear’s Arlo product line has fantastic security cameras for just about every type of situation.

If you’re looking to get more out of your Arlo security cameras, the right accessories can go a long way; here are our favorite Netgear Arlo accessories.

Netgear Arlo Skins

Whether you’re looking to blend your Arlo cameras into your decor, have a better way to hide them in the greenery in your backyard, or both, Netgear Arlo Skins can help.

These silicone covers slip over your Arlo cameras to give them a different look, so you don’t have to put up with the bright white color of the cameras if you don’t want. Plus, the silicone will give the cameras even more protection against the elements, meaning your eyes on the perimeter of your house will be working rain or shine.

This particular 3-pack comes with black, green, and camo skins and retails for around $24.

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Netgear Arlo Solar Panel

If you have any Arlo Pro or Arlo Go cameras watching the outside of your home, the Netgear Arlo Solar Panel can keep them running with the power of the sun.

With a built-in, multi-directional mount and a very long cable, you should be able to place the Netgear Arlo Solar Panel in the sunniest spot you can find and still keep it connected to your camera. Not only will the power of the sun keep your Arlo camera battery charged up, it’s also a very green way to do it!

You can pick one (or multiple) up on Amazon for about $80 each.

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Netgear Arlo Ceiling Mount

Depending on the layout of your home or the area you want to watch, you may want to put your Arlo cameras on your ceiling. To do that you’ll need the Netgear Arlo Ceiling Mount.

Compatible with the Arlo and Arlo Pro models, this ceiling mount is magnetic, meaning your cameras are easily attached and detached. You won’t have to worry about complicated clasps or using any tools every time you need to charge your camera.

Each mount will cost you roughly $25 and is meant for indoor use only.

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AceTaken Extended Wall Mount

Houses, condos, apartments, garages, and all the other types of buildings and rooms you want to keep an eye on have very different layouts. If you find yourself in need of getting a better angle for your cameras, take a look at the AceTaken Extended Wall Mount.

Compatible with the Arlo, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Go models, the AceTaken Extended Wall Mount gives you an extra 5-inches of space, meaning you can put some space between the camera and the wall and get a better angle of the room.

All the hardware needed to install the mount is included in the $15 price tag and the 360-degree swivel head let you adjust the direction your camera is pointing.

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Arlo Pro rechargeable battery and charging station

If you use the Arlo Pro model cameras a lot, you know that you have to charge them pretty often. If you want to extend the battery life, check out the Arlo Pro rechargeable battery and charging station bundle.

The add-on battery adds 2440mAh of power to your Arlo Pro cameras giving you a ton of extra battery life, meaning you won’t be running to the charger as often. Of course, the rechargeable battery will eventually need to be charged and that’s why this bundle comes with the charging station.

The whole bundle is $110, but the charging station can charge two of the Arlo Pro rechargeable batteries at once, so if and when you expand your battery arsenal, you’ll be prepared for it.

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Which accessories do you use?

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