Away from the usual Black Friday powerhouses like Argos, Currys and Amazon, Giffgaff has surprised us by offering some of the best phone deals around. Here’s a roundup of the best.
One word of warning before we begin: all of these deals require you to take on a Giffgaff SIM at the same time. This isn’t the same as taking out a contract, and can be cancelled immediately should you wish. Just bear in mind you can add a minimum of £10 to any of these deals.
So without further ado…

Best Giffgaff Black Friday phone deals

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (with free wireless headphones) – was £529, now £299

This, without doubt, is the pick of Giffgaff’s Black Friday phone deals. The Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact is a fine handset, packing the same Snapdragon 845 processor as the best-performing Android phones released this year.
That alone would make £299 an incredible price (bear in mind the OnePlus 6T – our Snapdragon 845 value pick – goes for £499), but it gets better. When you buy from Giffgaff, you’ll get a free pair of Sony WF-1000x noise-cancelling earphones worth £180. This is my SIM-free pick of Black Friday so far.
Buy it now from Giffgaff


Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra – was £379, now £199

Sticking with Sony, here’s a deal that’s almost as good, but not quite up there thanks to the lack of free headphones. Still, if you want a midranger with a big 6in screen, you can’t really go wrong, as we said in our review.   
But it now from Giffgaff


iPhone 7 (refurbished) – was £349, now £299

For some people, smartphone means iPhone – and if you’re labouring away with an older model, this is a good way of getting a speed boost at a keen price. No, it’s not the best iPhone anymore – it’s been replaced by the iPhone 8, X, Xs and XR – but it’s still a decent performer and certainly looks the part. Apple still sells it for £449 new.
Word of warning: this is the iPhone that jacked in the headphone jack. So you’ll want a wireless set, or to get a Lightning adapter.  
Buy it now from Giffgaff


iPhone 8 (refurbished) – was £499, now £449

 Same as the above, but a bit more modern – and a touch more expensive. Apple still sells the iPhone 8 on its own store for £599, so this is a bit of a bargain if you’re prepared to go refurbished.
Still no headphone jack, mind. Boooo.
Buy it now from Giffgaff


Motorola Moto G6 Play – was £169, now £99

The Moto G6 series is a phenomenal budget pick and, with £70 off, the G6 Play is an even better buy. It’s not as good as its G6 siblings – it has a lower resolution, performance takes a hit and the camera isn’t quite as good – but it blows the sub-£100 competition out of the water (especially in the camera department). If you want a cheap and cheerful phone that runs a near stock version of Android, you just can’t go wrong at this price.  
Buy it now from Giffgaff




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