Late last week, Audi took to social media to tease the possibility of Avant models returning to the United States. Bizarrely, the company adopted the summoning circle meme utilized by young adults as a way to humorously express their deepest desires. While half-heartedly pretending to be a member of the occult online isn’t a new or particularly clever meme, the summoning circle gag has grown in popularity over the past month.

Audi can be forgiven for jumping on the bandwagon, especially if it actually plans on bringing long-roof variants back into the United States. Frankly, we wouldn’t care if the company was practicing legitimate witchcraft if it guaranteed us access to more wagons. 

Considering the “joke” was posted on Audi’s official Twitter page, there’s reason to believe the company has genuine plans to bring Avant models stateside. However, we probably won’t hear about which vehicles might make the trip across the ocean until April’s New York International Auto Show, at the earliest.

Audi already has the new A6 Avant on sale in the European market and an updated version of the A4 is close to being finished. Considering the United States already has the A4 Allroad, it makes sense for the company to lead with the A6 before trying its hand at a more traditional A4 wagon that would take longer to get here — and likely step all over the Allroad.

The A6 Avant also fits more nicely into a small segment of premium station wagons that have migrated into North America.

We’re going to have to wait for confirmation but, if Audi doesn’t at least admit that it’s seriously considering bringing Avants back to North America in the coming months, we might take up voodoo and practice a little magic of our own on a doll that looks suspiciously like Rupert Stadler Bram Schot.

[Images: Audi]




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