‘Collaboration’ has reached buzzword-status in many offices today, with an increasing number of organisations pondering how to break down the knowledge silos stagnating within different departments, and boost innovation and productivity in the process. 

Atlassian, the productivity and collaboration software company, today shared insights about ‘open work’ lifted straight from its own office playbook. Open work is an expansion of the ideology embodied in a devops approach, but reaches beyond the ‘development’ and ‘operations’ teams to encompass the whole organisation. 

Speaking at the Atlassian Summit 2018 in Barcelona, Jay Simons, President at Atlassian, discussed why the imperative to adopt open working practices is stronger than ever.

“Entire industries are being upended by digital disruption,” he said. “The world around us is changing too quickly for anything less than true open and fluid teamwork. And this is making many of us think about moving from a closed to open world.”

“The sum of our ambition can only be realised through open collaboration and breaking down silos,” he said, adding that closed systems do not prevent progress, but do make it slower and more complex.



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