Aseptika in St Ives and Zenzium in Cheshire have been awarded an unspecified  grant from the UK’s innovation agency to leverage AI and develop a new home-based early warning system for people with severe respiratory disease.

Artificial Intelligence will automatically analyse and learn from data generated by the patient at home, using easy-to-use medical monitors and wearables, which connect to Aseptika’s Activ8rlives App.

The companies will introduce a Smart LungHealth system in the form of the Cloud-connecting Activ8rlives4 App and will also embed the AI alerting system into Aseptika’s future wearable medical monitor called the BuddyWOTCH, currently in development.

Aseptika and Zenzium will collaborate to create a system to automatically warn when patients health is declining. 

Looking at anonymised information gathered from previous clinical trials showed that many patients do not treat exacerbations and may not even be aware that they are having them. 

Some perhaps delay treatment hoping that things will get better by themselves. The inflammation of lung tissue during an exacerbation leads to irreversible damage. 

Over time and after repeated cycles, patients develop shortness of breath and even more opportunities for infections to take hold, in a downward spiral.

With the funding from Innovate UK, the partners will develop a series of mathematical algorithms, which could be used to pre-warn patients of the start of an exacerbation process and to give a risk score for predicted severity to urge earlier action. 

These patterns are different for each patient but are often repeated. These will be automatically analysed to give a personal detection score that will be continually updated as it learns about each patient and contributes this knowledge to evolve its understanding of these conditions.




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