Fine jewelry brand, Lagos, has designed a collection of four unisex jewelry bracelets for the Apple Watch in 18k gold, silver and diamonds. The collection launched today at Bloomingdale’s stores nationwide and on Bloomingdales.com for an exclusive 60-day period. General distribution begins on November 1, which includes availability on the Lagos.com website. The cost will range from $950 to $8,500.

Called “Smart Caviar,” after Lagos’ signature Caviar design, the bracelets are not approved, endorsed or affiliated with Apple, Inc. They are sold separately and offer a fine jewelry option for the Apple Watch.

For Steven Lagos, the jewelry brand’s founder and creative director, the challenge was to turn what he describes as a sporty watch into a jewelry watch.

The new Smart Caviar bracelets designed for the Apple WatchLagos

“I’m a big fan of the Apple Watch and love the functionality. It is perfectly designed for the sporty lifestyle but something was missing – there was no fine jewelry element to it,” he said in a statement. “I really wanted to create a bracelet that would transform it from a casual watch to a jewelry watch.”

Steven Lagos adds that Smart Caviar is designed to layer with other Lagos jewels and is simple to style. The bracelets are engineered to slip easily in and out of the Apple Watch and come with a sizing tool and extra links. The bracelets four styles and prices are as follows:

* Sterling silver for $950;

* Two-tone sterling silver and yellow gold for $3,500;

* Sterling silver partially covered in diamonds for $5,000; and

* Sterling silver with a full complement of diamonds for $8,500.

Erica Russo, Bloomingdale’s fashion director for Accessories and Beauty, said the Smart Caviar jewelry bracelets is supported by a full marketing program.

“This is the first fine jewelry option we have offered for smartwatches and we love the way luxury meets modern functionality,” Russo said in a statement.




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