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Evidence uncovered by two veteran programmers indicates that Apple may debut new dedicated apps for music, podcasts and TV shows in a forthcoming version of MacOS. According to the reports, Apple will continue to keep the iTunes app around, however, as it remains its only way of syncing data between older iPods and iPhones and Macs.

Steve Troughton-Smith, who has accurately predicted previously unannounced Apple hardware and software releases, tweeted that the company is planning to break up iTunes into a handful of content-specific apps. 

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 

This follows Apple’s March announcement that it will soon bring its updated TV app to MacOS, as well as smart TVs, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Developer Guilherme Rambo, writing for 9to5Mac, backs up Troughton-Smith’s account. He adds that the new standalone apps for music, podcasts and TV will debut in MacOS 10.15, the presumed successor to the current release. Rambo also says that Apple has redesigned the Books app, which will feature dedicated Library, Book Store and Audiobook Store tabs.


The rumored icons for Apple’s Music, Podcast, TV and Book apps.

Guilherme Rambo/9to5Mac

Apple’s new content apps are said to leverage Apple’s forthcoming Marzipan technology, which will let developers create a single version of their apps that work across the company’s various operating systems for the iPhoneiPad and Mac. The company revealed the new initiative at its 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference


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