After iPhone users experienced repeated crashes to their devices, Apple released iOS 11.2 with a fix for the bug. Included within the update was Apple Pay Cash, but the feature wasn’t activated for most users. As of Tuesday, the new feature that allows you to send and receive payments through iMessage is officially available for all iPhone users.

Following the release of Apple Pay Cash, Discover announced its official partnership with Apple. Transactions made with the payment service are facilitated specifically through the Discover Network.

Apple joins a host of other services including Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, and Google Wallet in the peer-to-peer payment industry. It has also partnered with prepaid debit giant Green Dot to offer free payments between iPhone users. Even though Apple is coming late to the game with Apple Pay Cash, the company is trying to make the product a standout in terms of convenience and ease of use.

While Apple Pay Cash joins a number of other payment services, there are several big differences that make the service unique. The biggest is that the service is only available on the iPhone. Users on iPhones who want to make payments to Android users will have to use an alternate service to process peer-to-peer payments.

One of the most interesting features of Apple Pay Cash is the ability to send and receive funds in real time. While Zelle began offering almost instant transfers earlier this year, it involves a lengthy verification process with your bank upon your first use. Apple chose to go an alternate route, using the credit or debit card in your Apple Wallet to fund transfers.

While Apple Pay Cash does allow for immediate availability of funds at any location where Apple Pay is accepted, transferring funds to your bank account involves a little more legwork. You’ll have to add your banking information to Wallet when you begin using the service. Once your bank is verified, you can transfer funds to your bank account, which will take two to three days. If you’re looking to have funds deposited into your bank on the same day, Zelle still seems to be the best option.

Update: Apple Pay Cash is officially available on iOS 11.2




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