Apple is expanding its Apple Music student discount pricing to 82 new regions by the end of the month, including Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, and Taiwan, according to iMore’s Rene Richtie. The discount offers 50 percent off the usual subscription price.

The offer had already been available in the US, UK, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand since 2016, but now Apple is expanding it to ”nearly all the countries where Apple Music is available,” according to a statement from an Apple spokesperson given to Engadget. The discount expands to 79 new locations today, with three more getting it on February 26th.

To qualify for the student pricing, students will need to register with UNiDAYS, which verifies with colleges that a student is actually actively enrolled (and no, your years old .edu account from your college days won’t make the cut). The discounted price is available for up to 48 months (or whenever UNiDAYS recognizes that you’re no longer a student), after which users will have to pay the full price.




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