Apple isn’t known for being the most flexible company in the world and some could argue this is one of the reasons for their immense success. Unfortunately, this rigidity which can almost be described as stubbornness can cause a few issues. Linus Tech Tips discuss their frustrations with Apple in a recent video.

Linus Sebastian describes his issues relating to Apple and his iMac Pro. Some time ago Sebastian’s iMac Pro was damaged and when he sought support from Apple they refused. This refusal wasn’t even for a warranty repair, Sebastian describes how they understood they would have to pay, even still Apple refused to help. Since then Sebastian has had to source some parts from other means and this it seems hasn’t been an easy task. Sebastian argues that Apple’s policies are not only anti-consumer but could, in fact, be illegal too when we consider the “right to repair.”

Personally, I do have several gripes with Apple and this led me away from buying many of their products. This is especially true when it comes to their “pro” equipment such as the iMac Pro and their Mac Pro. I just don’t feel confident enough in them to provide adequate of effective support should anything go wrong not to mention the lack of customizability. In my experience, almost every time I’ve contacted them for any support I’ve found it very disappointing. The simplest of issues tend to be met with the most overcomplicated solutions. I get the feeling Apple as a company just doesn’t care and they take their customers for granted simply because they can.




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