Keep forgetting your passwords to all your different accounts? Today we use so many different apps on our smartphones. And they each require us to log in with an account. But having so many different ones will eventually leave you frustrated as you struggle to remember password after password.

US carriers are well aware of this fact, so they have joined forces to create a solution. America’s biggest wireless providers – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint – have teamed to launch a single sign-on service for smartphone users. The service is called Project Verify and it will automatically authenticate any apps that require logins. Which means the users will no longer have to type in a unique password.

US carriers are seeking to make passwords obsolete

Project Verify takes advantage of a multi-factor solution that analyzes things like IP addresses and SIM card details to verify a user. The entire system is designed to be harder to crack by hackers.

Users will need to manually authorize an app to use Project Verify in order to to be authenticated. Although for the time being, it doesn’t look like any apps support Project Verify. This, will, of course, change soon.

While there’s an obvious advantage to this new service, the fact that you won’t have to remember complicated passwords anymore, there are  also some concerns. Having Project Verify enabled on your phone, could potentially mean anyone who had access to your phone could easily also login into your apps too. However, this issue could be addressed simply by installing a PIN or other biometric data for protection.

However, if someone stole your device or somehow managed to guess/crack your PIN, they could end up doing a lot of damage.

Nevertheless, the initiative does appear to have some potential, and we’re curious to find out more details about how the system works and which apps will be compatible with Project Verify.



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