An Albanian man suspected of killing eight of his relatives was arrested Saturday after a 12-hour manhunt during which he sent taunting messages via Facebook to the country’s prime minister.

Albanian State Police said Ridvan Zykaj, 24, had confessed to shooting cousins and other family members with a Kalashnikov gun, sparking a frantic search to find him.

While on the run, the 24-year-old challenged Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on Facebook to find him, Sky News reported.

Zykaj is accused of killing his  great-uncle, the great-uncle’s wife and two sons, and other members of their extended family on Friday.

Albania Arrest 1

Ridvan Zykaj, 24, is accused of killing eight of his relatives.

 (Albania State police)

Local media reported that it took place at a family lunch, where one of the victims accused Zykaj of stealing their turkeys, according to Reuters.

Authorities said his capture was complicated because he was a shepard and knew the area of southern Albania well.

After he was arrested, he told police they were late, according to Sky News.

Zykaj is accused of killing more than two people, a charge that could lead to life imprisonment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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