HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. – Good internet speed and service may sound like a given in today’s world but for some it is still a luxury.

One community outside Clarksburg city limits is working to change the pace of its internet. The area is Coburn Creek in Harrison County. 

“It is picturesque. We have everything you could ever want other than internet. Beautiful country living and we are right outside the city limits so we are within a few minutes of anything we need to go to but as I said, we don’t have the internet,” said Twyla Coffman, resident. 

Coburn’s Creek is a two mile stretch of road right off of Rt. 50, located near Rose Bud plaza.  The internet connection is through Frontier, and right now the speed is one megabit. The average speed for internet is closer to 12 megabits per second. 

Neighbors have exhausted all options and finally, through the help of the West Virginia Office of Technology, have been put in contact with Micrologic, a company out of Buckhannon, which can build a tower. 

“We already have a local landowner that has agreed to allow them to build on them. Our big hindrance is that it is $5,000 for the tower to be built,” said Coffman.

Internet speeds affect more than just surfing the internet.  Right now, residents in Coburn Creek would never be able to work from home, and they’re concerned how students would ever do work online.  But that could all change with Micrologic’s service. 

“The biggest and easiest option would be getting enough people to agree to sign up and once they have enough customers they will deem it cost effective for them that they will make enough profit eventually to pay for the installation,” said Graig Klimas, resident. 

“And it is very affordable. The internet package that I talked to Micrologic about is about $36.95 and you get 25 MB per second,” added Coffman.

Residents presented the project to Harrison County Commission just this week.  Residents can apply for project funding and possibly get the project funded by the county.  

Micrologic’s service would be available to anyone within a two mile radius of the tower.  




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