Pikachu is going where no kitty has gone before: The tabby cat, who recently passed away from feline diabetes, will be launched to space for the first time and receive the ultimate cosmic “burial.”

“Pikachu will have a final send-off like no cat has ever had before,” Steve Munt, Pikachu’s owner, wrote on a GoFundMe page. “A portion of his remains, from his heart, will be launched into orbit, where he will watch over the Earth, and we can track his location as he showers the world with love.”

Celestis, a company that also offers memorial spaceflights for humans, will send the orange tabby’s cremated remains to space as a small secondary payload on a satellite launch, which is expected to blast off from Earth within the next 18 months, Space.com reported.

Munt, who also owns another cat named Zee, started Pikachu’s fundraising campaign about two months ago, and as of April 25, he has raised $1,615 of the $5,000 goal. Celestis charges $5,000 for its “Earth orbit pet launch service,” which is one of four different options the company offers for pet memorial spaceflights. According to celestispets.com, the container of the pet’s ashes will be “placed in Earth orbit where it remains until it reenters the atmosphere, harmlessly vaporizing like a shooting star in final tribute.”

Munt’s GoFundMe hasn’t raised enough funds to meet the price for Pikachu’s proposed space memorial, however, Munt told Space.com that he already purchased the feline’s ticket to space with his own savings. “I have already signed the contract and just recently paid in full for the service. While I continue to accept donations for those who wish to be a part of this tribute, fundraising is not a primary goal for me,” Munt told Space.com. “My dream is coming true, regardless of any additional donations, and I am currently awaiting an assigned slot on a future launch.”

Pikachu will be the first cremated cat to go to space, but he isn’t the first kitty to venture beyond Earth’s atmosphere. In 1963, a French stray named Felicette launched on a Véronique AG1 rocket and returned to our planet alive after her suborbital flight. If Pikachu’s remains successfully get to orbit, he will be the first feline to orbit Earth, even though he sadly won’t have the same view as the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts.

Pikachu and Zee (Photo Credit: Pikachu’s Send-Off to Outer Space/GoFundMe)

Instead of placing Pikachu’s remains in an urn or burying them in a yard, Munt wanted to do something different to remember his beloved kitty. Pikachu, who was believed to be a stray, was actually someone else’s pet who voluntarily chose to stay with Munt’s family due to their strong bond from day one.

“I wanted Pikachu to be the first, continue his legacy as an explorer and show the world that a cat is just as worthy as a dog of a special tribute,” Munt told Space.com. “Pikachu is a hero, and I am honoring him as such.”

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