These are the best Galaxy Note 9 screen protectors that will keep your display safe and scratch-free. With a big and beautiful 6.4-inch curved Quad-HD display, you’ll want protection. We’ll go over why you should buy one, and what to know before you choose tempered glass or a cheaper film.

Samsung’s new phablet is big, fast and has lots of fancy features. It’s also very expensive, coming in at $1,000. And while it’s durable, it’s far from scratch-proof. That’s why we highly recommend getting a screen protector.

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Luckily for you, there are a few different styles of Galaxy Note 9 screen protectors available. We’ve found some for less than $6, which is far cheaper than the $200+ it will cost to replace a damaged display. Then, more durable tempered glass or reputable brands charge upwards of $50 to keep your phone looking good. We have both in our slideshow below.

Choosing the right screen protector for the Galaxy Note 9 is really important. Not just because you want to keep the screen free of scratches, but to make sure the protector fits and is easy to install. Mainly because some cheaper options don’t fit the curved glass perfectly and you’ll have touchscreen response issues. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of Galaxy Note 9 screen protectors from brands we know and use ourselves.

While we recommend investing in a quality screen protector from a reputable brand, even a cheap $6 film is better than nothing. Especially if you don’t plan on using a case. The more expensive protectors use reinforced and tempered glass that is scratch and shatter-resistant.

Even if you buy a case, we still suggest getting a screen protector. That way your phone will stay safe from life’s daily hazards, like being in a purse or a pocket full of keys. Keep your phone looking gorgeous with these screen protectors from Spigen, BodyGuardz, ZAGG, amFilm and more. We’ll add to this list as other options get released.

amFilm Full Cover Tempered Glass for Galaxy Note 9

amFilm Full Cover Tempered Glass for Galaxy Note 9

The first Galaxy Note 9 screen protector on our list is the popular and trusted amFilm. They offer full-coverage tempered glass that’s color-matched to the phone. It doesn’t just cover the screen, but the entire front of your phone. 

amFilm had the highest rating of any screen protector for the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S8, two of Samsung’s first popular curved screens. 

This tempered glass is 0.03mm thin so it’s barely noticeable, yet scores a 9H on the hardness scale for durability. They use a unique dot-matrix design to cut down on glare or fingerprints and provide an easy installation tray for your convenience. The edges slightly curve with the Galaxy Note 9 screen for a perfect fit and accurate touchscreen response. Try this brand first. 

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