Jason Segel wrote this comedy quadrangle that features an astounding array of talented comedy stars; it’s almost constantly funny, and it includes a scene at a Fourth of July picnic. TV actress Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) dumps her boyfriend Peter Bretter (Segel), and he goes to Hawaii to try and get over her. Unfortunately, Sarah is also there, staying in the same hotel, with her new boyfriend, rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Happily, a cute desk clerk, Rachel (Mila Kunis), befriends him and things begin to look up again.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) also features Bill Hader, Jack McBrayer, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, and Jason Bateman; Kristen Wiig’s hilarious scenes as a yoga instructor were unfortunately deleted from the theatrical cut, but can be seen in the “extended” cut. Yet perhaps the funniest line belongs to Da’Vone McDonald, as he pronounces the name of the state fish of Hawaii. At the climax, Segel gets to perform part of his Dracula puppet musical, a creation that some say led to his next job, co-writing the screenplay for The Muppets (2011).




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