A new Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Well, possibly new, possibly an expanded port of the Wii U Super Smash Bros. games. No one knows yet, but considering the Inklings of Splatoon staring up at the big burning logo of the game it’s likely there will be some new characters in it regardless. So it’s time for speculation!

Instead of dumping out all of the characters we want to see in the next Smash, let’s take a look at Women’s History Month since we’re right in the middle of it and come up with specifically female characters that can be added to the roster. The series already has some strong lady fighters like Samus Aran and Princess Zelda, but there are plenty more who would work well in a Smash game.

Princess Zelda is great in most of her forms, from ninja Sheik in Ocarina to the pirate queen Tetra in Wind Waker to the iron lady in Twilight Princess. Her protector/nursemaid Impa has gotten short shrift, though, partly because most of her incarnations are an old lady rather than the stoic warrior in Ocarina and Skyward Sword (and in Hyrule Warriors). When she does break out the Sheikah combat gear for herself, though, she’s imposing. Impa could be similar in design to Zelda’s Sheik form, but play completely differently. She trained Zelda to be a ninja, but she’s a bodyguard who’s wielded polearms and giant swords, both of which could feel very distinct against the plethora of one-handed swordfighters in the game.

Twintelle (ARMS)

ARMS introduces a ton of new characters, and a good number are interesting female characters. Min-Min and Mechanica would both be fun, but if we had to pick just one fighting lady from ARMS, it would have to be Twintelle. She’s visually interesting (and I don’t just mean her notable thicc status, but damn girl), with her elegant mask, sporty outfit, and boxing gloves on her ojou-sama drill hair. She’s also a fab French superstar who breaks out of the waifish teenage girl molds of the other female ARMS fighters. And she’s a WoC, which is pretty neat in terms of adding some variety to the roster.

She was Mario’s first video game girlfriend, but until Super Mario Odyssey Pauline was purely a damsel in distress. That changed when she showed up in that red suit as the mayor of New Donk City. She’s had a career since Donkey Kong (and Mario Vs. Donkey Kong), and has amassed herself some political power. She’s visually distinct and clearly has her own things going on besides talking to Mario, and her move set could be a combination of melee attacks with her hat/parasol/purse ensemble and Jigglypuff-style song attacks.

Princess Daisy is usually just seen as a color swap of Peach, but she could easily be her own character with her own interesting mechanics. We just need to dive back into that forgotten Game Boy classic she came from, Super Mario Land. She’s the princess of Sarasaland, an Egyptian-themed kingdom that’s attacked by aliens. Lean into that and give Daisy moves inspired by Sarasaland and how Mario fought through it. Remember when he got into a submarine or a spaceship to fight the invaders? Because that happened, and that would definitely make Daisy play very different from Peach. Instead of swinging an umbrella and throwing vegetables, Daisy could use heavy sci-fi weaponry and summon Moai heads from the ground.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are already in Smash, but what about the heroine of Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3? Dixie Kong never got as much screen time and she’s characterized mostly as “Diddy’s girlfriend, but she’s also a spunky flat cap-wearing 90s-style alt girl with a weaponized ponytail. Mechanically she could be a quick hit-and-run melee character, combining Diddy’s rocketbarrel with Peach’s floating for good aerial mobility and either rolling barrels with her hair for heavier, slower ranged attacks or simply giving up any projectile attack and using her hair as a whip to make her feel different from Diddy.

Whether Birdo is assigned male or female, she presents herself as a female (and is called Catherine in Japan), and that makes her worthy of this list. She would make a good alternative to Yoshi, with direct-fire egg shots and fireball-spitting to let her put more pressure on opponents, but at the cost of mobility with no Egg Roll. Besides, we don’t have enough adorable colorful dinosaurs in the game.

First, Nintendo should bring Mother 3 to North America. It’s a great game. And Kumatora would be an ideal character from the game to put in Smash. She’s the tomboy princess of Osohe Castle, headstrong and tough and full of more personality than Lucas (or Ness or Paula from Earthbound). Like Paula, she has PSI powers that are different enough from Ness and Lucas’ powers that they can be their own thing. Her PSI powers are mostly elemental, and it would be a good opportunity to make Ness or Lucas more melee-based and give him a non-elemental PK Rockin/Love power instead (since they don’t learn the elemental PSI attacks in their games). Also, instead of using a baseball bat or yo-yo she can just punch people.

A character from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 seems obvious, since it recently came out on the Nintendo Switch and it’s full of interesting character designs. The main character Rex and/or the Blades Pyra and Mythra are the most obvious choices, but I’d rather see Nia and her blade Dromarch in Smash. First, Rex/Pyra/Mythra would be another fantasy swordfighter in a game that has lots of them. Second, Dromarch is a big water element cat who fights alongside Nia, and is great. Third, Nia’s Welsh accent is charming, and there aren’t enough Welsh voice actors in video games. Fourth, Rex’s pants are stupid.

Okay, I’ve been harping on sword-users in Smash, but I’m willing to accept another one if it’s Urbosa, the late queen of the Gerudo. At first look she seems to simply be a warrior queen whose design is both titillating and sexually imposing (as video game amazons are wont to be), but beyond the thigh-length hair, bare midriff, donk to shame any Kong (or Twintelle). She’s also got the best abs of any Nintendo character! She’s a warm, supportive leader who helped raise Zelda and died fighting to save Hyrule. She also could have devastating electrical attacks to go with a flurry-based sword-and-shield fighting style.

Callie and Marie were good. Pearl and Marina are great. I know most fans prefer the sassy octoling DJ over her gremlin partner, but I love them both, and they would be great as a two-character fighter like Ice Climbers and Duck Hunt. Marina could be an area control fighter spinning mad tracks to disrupt opponents’ movement, while Pearl could run around shooting and biting things. They’d be great as a duo, to offer a non-splatting alternative for players who like the octoling/squid kid aesthetic, and a fantastic compliment to the addition of Inklings to Smash.


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