While European customers can look forward to many more years of new Ford Fiestas, the same can’t be said of American buyers. Ford’s smallest domestic passenger car ceases production next summer, but there’s still time to have fun before our future gives way to sport crossovers.

For 2019, the scrappy Fiesta ST hot hatch continues unaltered, while customers gain a new Fiesta trim offering plenty of flash and probably no extra dash.

According to order guides seen by CarsDirect (h/t to CNET), the Fiesta enters its final model year with a price decrease of more than $3,600 for the entry-level model. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder carries over, boasting — if that’s a proper word — 120 horsepower and 112 lb-ft of torque.

A 2018 Fiesta S sedan carries a $14,205 sticker, plus a $875 destination charge. This model carries a standard five-speed manual. The hatch variant tacks on a few hundred bucks. Yes, it looks like there’s a deal to be had on basic Ford transportation come 2019.

Image: Ford

The ST is where the real fun’s at, though. With the same 197 hp and 202 lb-ft on tap from its 1.6-liter EcoBoost motor, the top-rung 2019 Fiesta adds just $55 to its sticker for its final model year. That brings its sans-destination MSRP to $21,340. Of course, if extra power does nothing for you, or if your wallet can’t handle the added bucks, the order guides show an ST Line Fiesta for 2019.

The ST Line hands over some the appearance goodies but keeps the powertrain stock. Or at least that’s what the trim’s 1.6-liter engine selection suggests, though the “TBD” power figure should have Ford fans holding out hope for a smidgen of added thrust. Unlike the ST, the ST Line ditches a six-speed manual for a five-speed shifter or optional six-speed PowerShift automatic (a $1,095 option). We highly suggest you don’t select the latter tranny.

What does the lesser of the STs cost? $18,500 after destination. For that price, you’ll gain the ST’s fancy front fascia, rear spoiler, and dual chrome tips poking from beneath the rear bumper. Wheel size sheds an inch of diameter compared to the ST, with the 10-spoke black-painted hoops shod with P195/50R16 tires.

While you can forget about the ST’s sport suspension in this lesser trim, as well as a power driver’s seat, there will be “sport embossed bolsters” to nestle your backside into. There’s also a limited color palette that doesn’t get as wild as the ST’s.

If any of this appeals to you, you’ll get your chance to spring for the faux ST or its authentic sibling later this year. It’ll be your last chance to make a FiST.

[Image: Ford Motor Company]




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