OnePlus is rumored to be releasing a Pro version of the OnePlus 7 this year, and at this rate that’s on a crash course with a Galaxy Note 10 Pro for the holiday season. We already know that the phone will taking some design cues from Samsung, but now it looks like OnePlus wants to one-up Samsung’s late-year flagship with a high-refresh rate display.

One area that OnePlus phones have always been under-spec’d has been in the screen department. The screens aren’t bad, but OnePlus isn’t the company to race to put more pixels in a display just because they can. We see a lot of regular HD panels in their devices, but now they’re supposedly cooking up a Quad HD+ screen for the OnePlus 7 Pro that additionally features a 90hz refresh rate.

The Quad HD+ screen is nice, but that refresh rate will really be something that sets the phone apart from the pack. A few other phones do offer higher refresh rates (notably the Razer Phones) but for the most part 99% of phones on the market today stick to just 60hz screens. This would be a pretty key differentiating feature over the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, since we haven’t seen anything to suggest that Samsung will be upping the refresh rate on any of their phones.

Keep an eye out for that announcement sometime in May.

source: Android Central

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