Today’s a fun day if you’re a smartphone buyer. Black Friday is great and an excellent way to kick off a season of terrific buys. But, we all know that Cyber Monday is another incredible day for shopping.

Motorola Cyber Monday deals are an excellent opportunity for customers to pick up a quality phone for their carrier of choice. The pricing is already great on a normal day; the discounts only make it better. Motorola offers a lot of bang for the buck and the unlocked network support gives you carrier freedom.

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Whether you’re looking for a high-end handset like something in the Z series or something on the opposite end of the spectrum there’s something on sale. For those of you already own a Motorola Z model of phone, you can save 25% on select Moto Mods.

Check out the Motorola Cyber Monday sales below.

Moto G series phones

  • moto g6 – $50 off; sale price $199.99

Moto X series phones

  • moto x4 – $120 off 32GB, sale price  $229.99

Moto Z series phones

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