The Nokia 6.1 Plus is one of Nokia’s Android One offerings with a decent set of hardware and, yep, a notched display. Despite Android One offering a mostly barebones Android experience, one of the customization options Nokia had implemented was a toggle for hiding the notch via software, which is something fairly common on notched phones.

However, per a comment on Nokia’s forums, Google asked the feature to be removed in the August security patch for the Nokia 6.1 Plus, which means users are stuck with the notch whether they like it or not. Uh oh, right?

So that’s really not a good look, but it’s important to pay attention to some key details with Google’s request. First off, the Nokia 6.1 Plus/Nokia X6 are Android One devices, which are supposed to be fairly barebones implementations of Android. The phone runs Android Oreo, not Android Pie, which means it doesn’t natively have a way to handle notched displays and doesn’t have any extra features to cutouts like this.

Since the phone should be updated to Android Pie soon, it would make sense for Google to ask phones on older software to not try and do anything weird with these displays since that’s a native Android feature on newer operating systems, and it would defeat the point of Android One otherwise. If you want that notched display handling, make a non-Android One device.

Of course, that’s just Google’s most likely explanation. They probably won’t be asking Android OEMs to force show notches going forward, unless you’re on old software, which shouldn’t be much of a problem after Android Pie. At least, let’s hope so.

source: Nokia

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