Bungie is hoping to lure players back to Destiny 2 with the upcoming “Forsaken” expansion, and today it revealed an exciting new area for players to explore.

Called the Dreaming City, the location is the homeland of the mysterious Awoken race, and it looks incredibly intricate, a showcase for the talented artists and designers at the studio. More important for players, it also appears to be packed with things to do; the trailer promises riddle-filled environments, lots of loot and lore to uncover, and a massive raid that includes a fight against some kind of huge creature in the city’s center. Bungie called it “Destiny’s largest endgame experience ever.”

“Forsaken” is launching on September 4th, and it will serve as something of a reboot for the beleaguered online shooter, which has struggled since its debut last year. Along with “Forsaken,” Bungie will also be launching a $70 season pass that will include upcoming expansions both this and next year. You’ll also be able to catch up on Destiny lore this year with a new hardcover book.




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