Today, readers, we learn the value of keeping browser tabs open. This is a more fruitful activity than, say, leaving a bag of potato chips open — which inevitably leads to soggy crisps.

While viewing the not-yet-ready-for-public-consumption Ford Ranger on Tuesday, a site promptly pulled down by the Blue Oval, we learned of the upcoming midsize truck’s (estimated) pricing and (likely) options packages. The page was largely devoid of interior shots, however. Until now.

It’s not like the Ranger’s interior is a top-secret dossier, given that Dearborn showed it off at this past auto show in Detroit. The truck shown there was a top-spec FX4 model with all manner of kit.

The interior pictures shown on the Ford site don’t seem to pick up on the selection of various option packages. For example, selecting a base Focus instead of an SEL trim displays the low-spec radio instead of snazzy SYNC3 infotainment. With the Ranger tool, checking the FX4 box doesn’t currently add the Terrain Management System knob to the truck’s centre console, for example. The only seat color shown is beige Medium Stone.

Still, the photos give us a good glimpse into what a non-FX4 Ranger will look like. This image shown above is labelled as representing an XLT with Equipment Group 302A. That trim and options produce a truck with cloth seats, top-spec infotainment, and a leather-wrapped wheel. If the photo’s accurate, XLT Rangers will have chrome(ish) trim on the dash and gauges featuring a speedometer and tach bookending a small central screen.

Flipping to a high-zoot Lariat, we see darker trim replacing the shiny stuff, but the model name remains hammered into the plastic ahead of the passenger. Black trim also adorns the steering wheel. Facing the driver is a different set of gauges with a central speedometer flanked by two blacked-out screens. These are likely similar to the reconfigurable units found in the Edge and many other Ford products.

Comparing the two, the Lariat also gains a push-to-start button and stitching along the dashboard’s leading edge. The latter indicates soft-touch material is reserved for Lariat customers. The 502A Lariat is also shown with B&O-branded stereo speakers. There’s an extra spear of chrome along the Lariat’s door pulls as well.

Also, how many other trucks have a hand-operated emergency brake tucked between the driver’s seat and center console? B&B readers, please feel free to chime in.

Side views of the XLT and Lariat interior are markedly similar, with both Crew Cab trucks showing sensible rear seats with an armrest. A manual sliding rear window with a defroster grid appears, as does an underseat storage box of some kind.

Of course, all of this is unofficial and subject to change. Ford says official pricing will be announced within the next week or so.

[Images: Ford Motor Company]




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