“It’s only been a week and it’s not all done yet,” said Lisa Palmer, the advisory neighborhood commissioner for the area. Palmer lives on Water Street and has walked the new track several times a day.

The signs aren’t all up yet. And the planters and dividers that will clearly mark the division between the parked cars and the bike bath have been delayed, she said. “They’ve allarrived, but the permit for the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ movie being filmed in Georgetown prevented them from being set up this week.”

In the meantime, bikers seem to be exploring their options. Riders of all ages were observed not only in the spacious new trackway, but on the Waterfront Park sidewalk parallel to the bikeway and in the street. At 34th Street, the bikeway ends and the street is plainly marked with two-way bikeway signs.

“We all have to have some patience,” Palmer said. She is hopeful the new plan soon
will bring order to the area, popular with tourists, visitors, diners, moviegoers, strollers and bikers, who both commute and ride for pleasure. “It’ll all eventually work itself out.”




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