Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to creation of unique systems with the help of algorithms and software that can perform certain tasks without human intervention and instructions. Artificial intelligence comprises integration of several technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, reasoning, and perception. AI is used in healthcare for approximation of human cognition and analysis of complex medical and diagnostic imaging data. Artificial intelligence is primarily used in healthcare to analyze the relationship between treatment techniques and patient outcomes. AI programs are deployed in medical practices such as diagnostic processes, drug development, personalized medicines, and patient monitoring care. For instance, AI could aid in clinical processes by checking the vital signs, asking questions, and giving prescriptions to the patients. AI systems can also be used for alerts and reminders, image interpretation, information retrieval, and therapy planning during medical procedures. Deep learning technology is used for image recognition, signal recognition, and data mining and is the most widely used form of AI technology.

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Increasing research and development for application of artificial intelligence in healthcare is expected to boost growth of the market

Artificial intelligence systems are mainly categorized into machine learning techniques and natural language processing. Machine learning techniques involve analysis of structured data such as genetic data, and imaging data, whereas, natural language processing involves extracting information from unstructured data such as clinical notes, and medical journals. Microsoft Corporation and Adaptive Biotechnologies partnered to combine artificial intelligence with human immune system sequencing (from Adaptive Biotechnologies) in January 2018. The University of Massachusetts Amherst Center for Data Science partnered with Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) in January 2018 to accelerate healthcare research and development using artificial intelligence. Furthermore, January 2018, Wilfrid Laurier University researchers and health researchers in Waterloo University collaborated to study the use of artificial intelligence for early detection of Alzheimer’s. Owkin France raised US$ 11 million in January 2018, to develop artificial algorithms for speeding up drug development process. Biotricity, Inc. —a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company —is expanding research and development, to include artificial intelligence into its product offerings. Furthermore, Ubenwa — a Nigerian Artificial Intelligence health startup — founded in 2014 —developed a mobile app to detect asphyxia in newborn babies using machine learning.

Some major players operating in the artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare market are IBM Corporation, Google, Inc., NVIDIA Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, iCarbonX, Next IT Corp., CloudMex Inc., Carescore, Atomwise Inc., Zephyr Health Inc., Deep Genomics Inc., Medtronic Plc., Koninkiljke Philips N.V., and Oncora Medical, Inc.




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