Earlier this week we reported that ThinkGeek would be making the NES Classic Edition available today (in limited quantities). It should come as no surprise the highly sought-after miniature console is once again sold out (if reports are true). However, if you were lucky enough to grab one today or when it originally released, you’ll be happy to know 8Bitdo is releasing a controller specifically made for Nintendo’s retro system.

Available today from Amazon, the N30 2.4G Wireless Controller for NES Classic Edition features a Home button, Turbo buttons, a rechargeable battery, and wireless 2.4G connectivity. Basically, it has all of the same functions found in 8Bitdo’s other controllers. This new controller is more or less based on the original NES controller. The big difference of course are the two Turbo buttons located above the B and A buttons. It looks a little odd when compared to the classic controller it is inspired by, but it looks great regardless.

This isn’t the first time 8Bitdo has made peripherals for the NES mini. One of the NES Classic Edition’s biggest flaws is its painfully small controller wire. 8Bitdo solved this problem by releasing the Retro Receiver. This Bluetooth-enabled device allowed users to play the diminutive console with any of 8Bitdo’s wireless controllers. The Retro Receiver also made it possible to easily access the console’s Home menu directly through the controller. Before that, users had to reset the system in order to return to the Home menu. The new controller makes things simpler by having a dedicated Home button.

The N30 2.4G Wireless Controller for NES Classic Edition is available now from Amazon. Sadly, it will probably be easier to procure one of these controllers than an NES mini. We hear Amazon is also selling the tiny console today, so perhaps you can snag one of them alongside the new 8Bitdo controller. If not, you can always use the controller to play games on PC or mobile devices.




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